AISA Cheerleading Competition - November 7, 2020 - Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery, AL

AISA Cheerleading Camp - June 21-24, 2021 - Troy University, Troy, AL

30 Second Timeouts:
  Cheerleaders are not to perform on the playing floor during 30 second timeouts. 

Please review your National Federation Spirit Rules Book in regard to "tosses", pages 34-35.  
It is your responsibility to follow these rules to ensure the safety of our students--no basket tosses by cheerleaders without a mat!

Cheer Camp 2019


Jr. Varsity Small Squad Runner up The Lakeside School                         
Jr. Varsity Small Squad Champion Lee-Scott Academy                   
Jr. Varsity Medium Squad Runner up Hooper Academy           
Jr. Varsity Medium Squad Champion Monroe Academy              
Jr. Varsity Large Squad Runner up Lowndes Academy                     
Jr. Varsity Large Squad Champion Pike Liberal Arts School   


Varsity Small Squad Runner up Patrician Academy                    
Varsity Small Squad Champion Morgan Academy
Varsity Medium Squad Runner up Monroe Academy
Varsity Medium Squad Champion Pike Liberal Arts School
Varsity Large Squad Runner up Autauga Academy
Varsity Large Squad Champion Glenwood School