AISA has been serving independent schools in Alabama since 1970.

The Alabama Independent School Association is proud to serve our member schools as an advocate for independent school education through the numerous services and benefits we offer our members. Through our services, we strive to partner with independent schools who value their mission, their stakeholders, and their place in the communities they serve. Independent schools in our association operate independently in that they are independent governed operated and free to pursue specific missions that may best serve their unique constituencies and support their values.

Founded in 1971, The AISA has evolved into a community of diverse institutions with a network of 75 schools who serve approximately 25,000 students. Our member schools directly employ thousands of individuals and have an economic impact on the state that rivals that of some of the state’s largest industries. Even more, our schools are fully invested in their specific communities. From community service to civic responsibilities, our member schools enhance the quality of life in every community.

I encourage you to visit one of our member schools to discover for yourself why independent school education can be the right choice for your family!


The Benefits of Membership

Member schools enjoy many benefits including access to discounts on educational services and products, professional development programs, accreditation services, government relations, health benefits, access to our student activities programs, dual enrollment partnerships, and access to exclusive partnership offers.  Check out all of our member benefits!

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Mission Statement

The Alabama Independent School Association’s mission is to serve independent schools in the state of Alabama by providing its member schools with educational and corporate services and programs focusing on excellence in academicsaccreditation, and athletics. Member schools have voluntarily joined the AISA and follow the guidelines and standards in order to provide a quality school program.