President:  Sophie Denton, Russell Christian Academy
Vice-President:  Will Christopher, Patrician Academy
Secretary: Lucy Bonhaus, Tuscaloosa Academy
Treasurer:  Maggie Holladay, Morgan Academy
Chaplain:  Chasity Simmons, Russell Christian Academy
Augusta Arnold, Southern Academy - District 1 Representative
Taylor Salisbury, Faith Academy - District 2 Representative
George Turner, Morgan Academy - District 3 Representative
Cathy Stockstill, Pike Liberal Arts School  - District 4 Representative
Amiracus Brown, Success Unlimited Academy - District 5 Representative
Carson Grace Champion, Springwood School - District 6 Representative
Cailin Campbell, The Donoho School - District 7 Representative

SGA Awards and Elections


  • The AISA SGA Fall Workshop will be held virtually on September 14, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. (Central Time).
  • Please mail your SGA dues of $150 payable to the AISA office no later than September 28, 2020 to the following address. Please notate on your check for SGA dues.

    1763 Taliaferro Trail
    Montgomery, AL 36117
  • More detailed information will follow, including the zoom meeting link.

The following schools were represented at the September 14, 2020 Virtual Fall Workshop: 

  1. Abbeville Christian Academy
  2. Chambers Academy
  3. Clarke Preparatory School
  4. Coosa Valley Academy
  5. Cottage Hill Christian Academy
  6. Crenshaw Christian Academy
  7. Edgewood Academy
  8. Escambia Academy
  9. Evangel Christian Academy
  10. Faith Academy
  11. Fort Dale Academy
  12. Glenwood School
  13. Hooper Academy
  14. Jackson Academy
  15. Lowndes Academy
  16. Macon-East Academy
  17. Morgan Academy
  18. Patrician Academy
  19. Pickens Academy
  20. Pike Liberal Arts School
  21. Russell Christian Academy
  22. Snook Christian Academy
  23. South Choctaw Academy
  24. Southern Academy
  25. Sparta Academy
  26. Springwood Academy
  27. The Donoho School
  28. The Lakeside School
  29. Tuscaloosa Academy
  30. Wilcox Academy 


  1. Abbeville Christian Academy
  2. Autauga Academy
  3. Chambers Academy
  4. Clarke Preparatory School
  5. Coosa Valley Academy
  6. Cottage Hill Christian Academy
  7. Crenshaw Christian Academy
  8. Edgewood Academy
  9. Evangel Christian Academy
  10. Faith Academy
  11. Fort Dale Academy
  12. Glenwood School
  13. Hooper Academy
  14. Jackson Academy
  15. Lee-Scott Academy
  16. Lowndes Academy
  17. Macon-East Academy
  18. Morgan Academy
  19. North Mobile Christian School
  20. Northside Methodist Academy
  21. Patrician Academy
  22. Pickens Academy
  23. Pike Liberal Arts School
  24. Russell Christian Academy
  25. Saint James School
  26. Snook Christian Academy
  27. South Choctaw Academy
  28. Southern Academy
  29. Southern Preparatory Academy
  30. Sparta Academy
  31. Springwood School
  32. Success Unlimited Academy
  33. Sumiton Christian School
  34. The Donoho School
  35. The Lakeside School
  36. Tuscaloosa Academy
  37. Wilcox Academy 


April 26, 2021 (TBD in January, 2021)
Faulkner University Gymnasium
Registration:  8:30 a.m.

Campaigning for State Office is from 8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. 

·      Each candidate may have two (2) wall posters – no larger than the poster board size. 

·      There is no limit to the number of handouts but should not be excessive to limit trash. 

·      No stickers are allowed

·      Nothing edible, including gum

·      No liquids

·      There is to be no throwing of any items. 

·      Visual displays/props should only be used by the candidate at the podium during the speech. (Guitars or similar non-electronic instruments are considered props and allowable.)

·      No electronic audio/video aids (Ex. - music or video from an electronic or projection device is not allowed)

·      The candidate’s speech may be entertaining, but at least half the speech should be serious and reflect the candidate’s desire to hold the office. 

·      No coordinated audience participation during campaign speeches.

There is a 3.5 minute maximum time speech for candidates running for all offices.

The candidate may be the only one on stage during his/her speech.  No group speeches are allowed.

Dress for the Convention:  Sunday dress for Candidates.  

The following schools were represented at the 2019 SGA Spring Convention:

Abbeville Christian Academy

Macon East Academy

Autauga Academy

Meadowview Christian School

Chambers Academy

Monroe Academy

Clarke Prep School

Morgan Academy

Coosa Valley Academy

North Mobile Christian School

Cottage Hill Christian Academy

Patrician Academy

 Crenshaw Christian Academy

Pickens Academy

East Memorial Christian Academy

Pike Liberal Arts School

 Edgewood Academy

Snook Christian Academy

Escambia Academy

South Choctaw Academy

 Evangel Christian Academy

Southern Academy

Faith Academy

Sparta Academy

Fort Dale Academy

Springwood School

Glenwood School Sumiton Christian School

Government St. Christian School

The Lakeside School

Hooper Academy

 Wilcox Academy

Jackson Academy  

Lee-Scott Academy


Lowndes Academy



Criteria for SGA Awards

The due date for the SGA materials to be in the AISA office has been extended to April 9, 2020.